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Fucked Up BEGN

  1. Q: Can I purchase via mailorder?

    A: Of course. Starting April 26 you can visit the Matador Store if you're in the US or Canada or our UK store if you're in the UK or Europe.

  2. Q: Can I Just Buy The 7"es?

    A: No. Sorry but these bonuses are exclusive to Buy Early Get Now.

  3. Q: OK But Will You Have Some Leftover Afterwards To Sell?

    A: No. We are pressing the 7"es based on demand, which is why it is absolutely mandatory that as soon as you get your unique code (upon receipt of purchase) you log in to this here site. This way we'll know exactly - or very close - how many 7"es to make. Thus the exclusive remains exclusive.

  4. Q: I Entered My Address In The Store Locator But The Closest Store Is 8 Hours Away!

    A: Mailorder it from us and we'll ship it right to your door. US and Canadian shoppers go here. UK and EU shoppers go here.

  5. Q: What If I Don't Live In The US, Canada, UK or Europe?!

    A: You can mailorder from either the US or UK stores. We'll ship anywhere.

About BEGN

  1. Q: What Is Buy Early Get Now?

    A: It's quite simple. Buy Early Get Now rewards you now for pre-ordering an upcoming album through our participating stores. These rewards usually include exclusive goodies like mp3s, posters, merch, contests, etc. And it always includes a free stream of the full album way before the release date, letting you "beat the leak" every time.

  2. Q: Why Are Some Buy Early Get Now Offers More Expensive?

    A: We, like you, enjoy physical products.  So, sometimes we bundle a live LP or a bonus DVD or a poster.  Obviously, since you are getting something physical along with your CD/LP/Download, we charge a little more.

    But, these item are always limited quantities and are exclusive to the particular BEGN.  

  3. Q: How Can I Get In On The Action?

    A: For any particular Buy Early Get Now promotion, you can check out the list of participating retailers on our home page .

    If you pre-order the album in a store, you will get a voucher with a unique code.  Simply enter that code on the register page and create an account.  

    If you pre-order the album online, we will email you a password to access all of the promised goodies within 2 days.

    If you don't see your favorite store listed, then bug them to get involved.

  4. Q: This Sounds Like Any Old Pre-order Scheme?

    A: Well yeah! But, unlike other schemes that promise a thanks and a cookie, we agonize (and sometimes fight) over the goodies that we make available and we strive to make every promotion rewarding and one-of-a-kind for fans. If it means sending a band back into the studio to mix some b-sides or recording a live EP or plundering our vaults for never before released rarities - we go the extra mile for the Buy Early Get Now faithful.

    Additionally, there is the ultimate now (or, soon) element where you get to actually hear the music before anyone else, before it's pressed to wax, before music reviewers, before anyone! Because it's all about the music anyway, right?

  5. Q: Is Buy Early Get Now available only to US customers?

    A: Absolutely not. You can order from the Matador Store from a number of countries around the world. Or from our UK Store.  If we don't currently ship to your country please get in touch via our contact page and we'll try to figure something out. The majority of the stores are in the U.S., but if they're willing to send your order to your country, then go for it!


  1. Q: How Does This Work When I Pre-Order At A Store?

    A: When you pre-order in the store, they should have given you a voucher with a unique code stamped on the front.  (Click here for an example of what this voucher looks like ).

    Go to the register page and enter that code.  It should be valid and take you to a page to register or, if you've done BEGN before, login with your previous user name and password.

     For the Sonic Youth BEGN you will be able to pre-order from the Matador Store beginning April 28th

  2. Q: How Does This Work When I Pre-Order Online?

    A: When you order online, the eTailer (do people still use that word?) will send us the email that you provided them during your checkout. 

    We'll send you a unique code and registration information.  This can take a couple of days.

    Since we'll be sending you information for the download via email, we recommend using an email address that you check quite regularly. Don't worry, we are not going to send you any spam, just the one mega-important email that you'll need to get the goods. If you use a spam filter, then add "buyearlygetnow (@) matadorrecords.com".

     The Fucked Up BEGN is available via the Matador Store right now.  

  3. Q: I Didn't Get My Code And Login Info. What's Up?

    A: If you ordered online, we will send you the code within 3 business days. If it's been more than 5 days since you placed your order, go to our contact page and we'll do our best to fix the issue immediately.

    Again, if you pre-ordered in a store, they should have received a voucher.  You'll need to take your receipt back to the store and get a voucher.  

For Stores

  1. Q: How Can I Participate In Any Buy Early Get Now Preorder?

    A: Just ask your sales representative at Matador Direct or ADA. They can give you all the details and set you up.

  2. Q: Are You Going To Use The Buy Early Get Now Emails For Other Incredibly Daft Marketing Efforts?

    A: Read above. We'll only use the customer's email once and then we'll shred it, burn it, bury it and then, because both our short-term and long-term memories were fried in college, forget we even ever had it. In fact, we have follow a pretty by the book privacy policy:  

    To participate in the preorder promotion, you must provide your participating store with a valid email address as part of your order. The emails are collected and provided to Matador Records for the sole purpose of automatically emailing you a web link, a unique code and instructions on downloading any digital goods described by the promotion.

    When your pre-order, your participation is completely optional. Just notify the store that you do not want to participate and they will not send Matador Records your email address.

    Additionally, if you send an email to "buyearlygetnow@matadorrecords.com" to opt-out of the promotion at any time. As soon as you confirm your opt-out, the email address will be removed permanently from the database.

    Matador Records and any of its affilliates will not attempt to email you with additional offers, promotions or other messages via email.

    Any information sent via email will follow the guidelines published by the Federal Trade Commission. More information can be found HERE.

    Any other questions should be directed at our email help line: buyearlygetnow (at) matadorrecords.com


Technical Questions

  1. Q: What Formats Are Your Downloads?

    A: We offer two formats for the downloads - 320kbps MP3 and FLAC (which are lossless).

    These formats can play in just about any digital music jukebox from iTunes to Winamp to MSN Media Player, as well as any portable music device.

    The music is not wrapped in any goofy DRM-ness.  You are the music lovers who are cool enough to pre-order albums and we don't treat you like criminals.

  2. Q: What Bitrate To You Stream The Album Preview?

    A: We generally stream the album about 6 weeks before it is release via your MyBEGN page on BuyEarlyGetNow.com.  

    The bitrate is 128kbps and the full songs are streamed (no clips, 30 second previews or other silliness).

  3. Q: I Lost My Password

    A: It's super important that you remember your email login and password.  

    If you lose it, just go to the home page and click on the "password reminder" link and we'll email it to you.

    Just make sure that "buyearlygetnow (at) matadorrecords.com" is white-listed in your spam filters.

  4. Q: How Do Ticket Pre-orders Work?

    A: Many times, we promise to give you the jump on pre-sales for tours.  What this means is that we will work with the band's booking agent and allow you access to a special web site 24-48 hours before tickets go on sale to the general public.

    We will email you in advance and let you know the date of the BEGN pre-sale.  Mark that day on your calendar because when that day arrives we will email you a link and a code that will give you access to the ticket sales page.

    It's pretty simple and while we can't guarantee tickets will be available, we've rarely had tickets sell out before BEGN customers hit that site.

  5. Q: Do You Limit The Number Of Times You Can Download Things?

    A: We have to limit each download to three times just so that our system doesn't get abused by hackers and pirates.

    But, if you have had a computer crash or a rare problem, just send us an email , explain yourself and 9 out of 10 times we can reset your downloads.

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